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Search Engine Optimization is Fundamental to Success.

Without SEO, you can’t survive online. After all, who doesn’t want free traffic. We have mastered this art for more than 12 years and we bring relevant traffic to your website which carries the highest probability of Conversion. We provide full SEO Services, keyword rankings, a link building profile and indexed page information.

SEO is the lifeline of online marketing.

Being the Best SEO Company in Delhi, eDigital Interactive offer our valued clients a high quality and affordable SEO package. Leave the rest up to us as our experts are trained on the latest guidelines from all major search engines such as Google Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and Algorithms.

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Here’s What You Get with eDigital Interactive Professional Services

You can get an edge on the competition with a strong, integrated strategy that combines content marketing, research, technical SEO, social media, paid Media Integration strategies, and other elements of online marketing.
When it all comes together in a single, unified strategy, you can expect:

More Traffic

As you gain more visibility, you will start to see an increase in the number of website visitors.

More Leads

We can target the audience that is most likely to be interested in your products and services.

More Revenue

The increase in targeted leads makes it easier to turn those leads into paying customers.

More Brand Awareness

Your brand can become the one your customers think of over all the competition in the industry.

More Business Growth

The new traffic, qualified leads, and brand awareness all contribute to new growth opportunities.

More Trust and Authority

When you reach the top of the search results, your customers will see you as the industry authority.

Case Study


DEN Broadband Shaw 65% increase in organic traffic.

eDigital Interactive worked with DEN’s internal team and implemented aggressive strategies across multiple cities. This reorganized DEN’s search presence and increase its organic search rankings, traffic and revenue worldwide.

DEN Broadband

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eDigital Interactive  SEO Services

At eDigital Interactive, you can get the plan and strategy that matches your exact needs and budget. If our custom plans are out of your range, we also have small business plans to explore.

Local SEO

Is this plan right for your business?
This is the ideal plan for advertising a physical location and bringing people within your community right to your doorstep.
Read more here.

National SEO

Is this plan right for your business?
If you are need to reach a nation-wide (or even international) audience, this plan includes everything you require.
Read more here.

Enterprise SEO

Is this plan right for your business?
Highly competitive national campaigns, e-commerce sites, and international organizations can dominate the SERPS with this plan.
Read more here.

Video SEO

Get More Views and Traffic with Video SEO
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. We’ll help you take advantage of this powerful platform to grow your business.
Read more here.


Enhance Visibility with Our ASO Services
Optimizing your app is important due to high competition and optimization leads to more installs of apps. Our team has run several successful campaigns and have rich experience with ASO.
Read more here.

Personal SEO

Is this plan right for your business?
Highly competitive national campaigns, e-commerce sites, and international organizations can dominate the SERPS with this plan.
Read more here.

What’s Included in Our SEO Packages

Site Health
A lot of variables can impact your site’s overall health. Make sure algorithm changes, indexing errors, or manual actions aren’t causing problems.
Competitive Analysis
A lot of companies are competing for your keywords. We’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses to find new opportunities for your success.
Page Optimization
Make sure your website converts visitors to paying customers and that it’s fully optimized to achieve the best rankings.
Link Building
Links from high-quality sources drive relevant traffic to your site and help build authority in Google.
Monthly Reporting
Stay completely in the loop with a monthly reporting schedule that shows everything we’ve done and how it has impacted your online presence.
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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Q1 : What is SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.
Q2 : What is the role of SEO in a company?

SEO optimizes the keywords most likely to be searched for a business so that the website is found. ... As an SEO Manager, you will oversee the research of SEO to help the digital marketing team run effective campaigns, as well as to optimize the company's website, social media pages, and other content efforts.

Q3 : How Does SEO tool help?

SEO tools provide data and alerts about the overall health and success of your website. They help uncover areas of opportunity and identify weaknesses or issues that may prevent you from ranking and earning visibility in the SERPs.

Q4 : What is keyword research?

Keyword research is defined as the activity of analyzing and finding a list of valuable keywords for the purpose of SEO copywriting. The keywords, or search terms, often become a guide for the direction of your content and marketing strategy.

Q5 : Is SEO a dying industry?

SEO is not dead, it's just changing. Sure, click-through rates are going down and Google keeps adjusting its algorithm but that's to be expected. Google has made it so you can easily target your ideal customer through SEO or paid ads. ... Instead, start adapting or your traffic and business will be dead.

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